Timmy the seal
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This is Timmy in his new pink suit.
Timmy was covered in self doubt (at least thats what he said it was) why did all the other male Leopard seals love megan the seal with a vengance but Timmy only had affections for his best friend Tristan the sequined seal, this confused Timmy but who could he tell, if he told his dad he would be hit with a fish, if he told his Mum she'd hit him with a brush what could Timmy the seal do, then he decided to run away.

Cool Clive the adelide penguin stuttered towards the bank of the river, this was a rare site as Adelide penguin normally travel in groups to the waters edge so that if there is a leopard seal there it lessens the chance of it being consumed (Sorry i thought i was writing an essay but who says my sites are not imformitive) then suddenly Timmy dived from behind the ledge of the river bank, Clive dropped one as despite being a foolish penguin he knew he faced trobule.

Timmy smiled and skipped in an odd fashion towards Clive "Hello" said Timmy in an manner suited to a masculine Channel our presenter "why do you talk to me why don't you eat me"asked Clive enquiringly, "because i have no friends and if i eat you i will even be hated by a stupid penguin" he replied.
"why are'nt you with your Mum and Dad?" asked the very nosy Penguin, "i've left as if my dad finds he has as much chance of being a grandad from me as he has of picking up channel 5 on our TV (if your not English you wont get this but its hard look you should have been born here) i'd be hammered, tell you what Clive can we be Buddies"
"yes okay" said Clive and with a symbolitic handshake Thousands of years of Rasicm and hatred between the penguins and the seals healed up then..............

40 Adelide Penguins layed into Timmy he lay iced out covered in blood as the Penguins proceeded to hurt and mutalate him then he woke up he was in the operating theatre, "What are you doing" he asked the doctor "an operation to save your life,Nurse send him back to sleep please" said the Doctor.
"No"Said Timmy "No you can't operate on me"
Then the doctor placed his rubber gloves onto his hands, Timmy went quite and a wry smile spread across his face.
The moral of this story is hatred can't be patched up by a hand shake but shaking your hand can still be pleasureable.
The end

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