Stuart Burchers on the web.
Welcome to my strange domain.
Burcher on the web?
Stuart Burcher's Homepage here at tripod? surely not he can't even run windows without his computer crashing daily but it is, i've done it, i've infected the net with my useless knowledge and this is my home page.

Underneath are links to my other home pages one music one Zany fun with animals and my Cricket page and also my poetry page , If its a humourus fun look at the adventures of Lady the dog and Timmy the Seal and friends its my Zoological Zanifest home page you desire every story has a serious moral to it to guide you on your way.

If Easy listening music is your paradise with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ronnie Hilton, Malcolm Vaughan and Eddie fisher it is then my Easymusic Homepage with which enjoyment you would find.

If you like Cricket and want to see some Stats mostly on England and a few of my Teams (Team of the millenium, My England team if i were Duncan Fletcher etc) and a picture of our England captin but don't be put off i won't bite, unless you want me too!.

Oh and finally my page of poetry theres a few poems i wrote there okay nothing special but its only a bit of fun.

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