Welcome to my Zooligical Zanifest Homepage
If you like animals you have come too the right place follow the adventures of Timmy the mixed up seal who tries in vain to sort out Racial issues and the rise and fall of Lady the Dog as the collie in question hits the heights of Hollywood and the Lows of an LA toliet also follow Ray the romantic rhino and his endevours to woo Gillian the gymnure in the grafton, Desmond the drunken Dik dik as he tries to increase his size only to hit the lows of alcohol abuse.
Please come in and read these Masterpieces i have spent all night composing and if the demand is enough i might just right that novel i've been offered a few grand to write.
Email me with your comments please at Bongo@Burcher.fsnet.co.uk on this site or my whole web ring.
And remember its only a bit of fun

Anything written on this site is not aimed to offend anyone and is only the artists views.
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