Thomas the tank engine
Thomas the tank engine oh you remember it, what i program takes me back to days of idle youth, oh the fun when Percy would reverse into thomas and bump him up the back bumper oh the joy of it all.
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Thomas the tank engine.
Thomas is a tank engine who lives at a station in the isle of sodall, he is a cheeky engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel and a short stumpy dome, but he does'nt let it get him down.

Hes a horny bastard Thomas and is often seeing on the back bumper of Daisy the tram and sometimes on days when Daisy is'nt cuming he bumps Percy.

He has many friends at the station which is always very busy, theres James who is a grumpy sod and never stops moaning, and theres Percy who a irratating little short engine who is always playing tricks and get caught by the fat controller.

Other engines at the station are Thumper who came in series 5 he likes to Thump things and was made by sodor mining company, also Harold who is a helicopter and often flys above the station and laughs at the tubby and often pissed fat controller.

Theres Trevor but hes a tractor and not worth mentioning and theres Gordon who is a big engine and all the girlie trucks like him cos hes a masculine man.

There is the drivers who all look exactly the same i put this down to some weird genetic trick done by scientists on the island and lastly theres the owner of the station the fat controller.

The fat controller is a fat little divee who spouts shite at every oppurtunity he getsh e has two red cheeks this is down to three things, 1)too many late night kebabs making him unfit and unable to walk 2 yards without stopping 2) too many nights of passion with the Mrs fat controller 3) he is a well known froth head and drinks too much brandy.

Hope i jogged some memories of thomas the tank engine for you.
Well thats how i remembered it.
Just gonna polish percies funnel.

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