Oh i love fingerbobs it is the best with Yoffy and Finger mouse and Finger scampi and the turtle Flash and the seagull what was his name oh yes Gulliver bliss, oh what a healthy childhood i had.
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Yoffy fingering fingermouse and scampi at the same time.
Oh Yoffy is god (Rick Jones) Yoffy the hippy who started off the craze that led to the 80's show Fingermouse, And his fingers.

Know lets remember what a brave man Yoffy was he had his finger up not just one animal like a vet has to but up to four what a man Yoffy i clap you.

Oh Remember Fingermouse doing his famous body swerve and Scampi darting about and gulliver taking the air and Flash popping out oooooooh i love it i do.

Anyway it must have painful for Fingermouse to have Yoffies finger up his arse but you never know he might have enjoyed it he never complained.

I remember the song it goes like this roughly:-
Yoffy lifts his finger and a mouse is there, puts his hands together and takes the seagull in the air, yoffy lifts his finger and a tortoise head pops out yoffy bends another, and a scampi darts about, these hands were made for fudging and that is what they shall do.

last time i made a Fingerbob page the BBc wanted to shut it down, wonder what will happen know.
Email me at if you want to sign my peition to bring fingerbobs back to BBC tv.

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