Ronnie Hilton
Welcome to my new Web page!
This is a Quick tribute to yorkshire's very own Ronnie Hilton, hitmaker of the Fifties, i am Stuart Burcher and i hope you like my site also see my site on Malcolm vaughan in the links section.
Ronnie Hilton
Ronnie Hilton was one of britains biggest stars of the fifties, He was First Discovered in the early 50's by Walter J.Ridley, He was at that time working in leeds on a machine lathe job which he left and began making his first recordings for EMI.

His first chart hit was I still believe which was a british number 3 hit in 1953, the hits continued A blossom fell, Young and foolish and then came his biggest hit No Other Love a Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the musical "Me and Juilet" which was a British number 1 in 1956, his other major hits were who are we, I may never pass this way again and Magic Moments.

When in the sixties pop and rock came ronnies chart carrer phased out but with his high Eddie Fisher esque voice he still made TV apperances, and numerous albums.

Then in 1963 perhaps the biggest shock to everyone was his comeback with the kids song a windmill in amsterdam but it was short lived and Ronnie vanished from the charts once again.

Probably one of Britains finest and biggest stars of the 50's is still alive and recently appeared in an ITV adaptation of his life.

There is currently only one Ron Hilton CD available, click on my HMV link to buy it.

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