Malcolm Vaughan
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This is a web page based on the life and times of Malcolm Vaughan the welsh hitmaker of the fifties.
Malcolm Vaughan
Malcolm Vaughan

Wales has been the home to many talents and one of her favourite sons was Malcolm Vaughan, another Walter J.Ridley haul for EMI was half of a singing comedy duo with Kenny Earle, Ridley saw this show and was impressed by Vaughans wonderful operatic like voice.

Success came quickly for Malcolm in 1955 his first recording Ev'ry Day of my life became a British top ten hit, he followed this with a top 20 hit with With your love. But his biggest success came in October 1956 with St Therese of the roses which caused contreversy as it was reckoned to offend irish listeners, but this did'nt stop it reaching number 3 in the UK charts.

More than ever, Wait for me, Hello young lovers and You'll never walk alone the hits poured out for Vaughan then as quickly as he arrived he vanished from the pop charts as pop and rock took over in the early sixties.

Between 1956-1959 Malcolm spent 106 weeks in the UK charts and had four top ten hits not much for a man of his talent but at least with me his voice won't be forgotten.

Malcolm Vaughan currently only has one cd released on the emi lable with 25 of his hits included, to buy it go to my hmv link and search for malcolm vaughan.

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