Dissecting english cricket
Hello here is an article i've wrote on the 5th of January 2000 dissecting English Cricket.
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Malcolm Vaughan a rare sucess for England.
Dissecting English Cricket.
So just four games in to the test series and its all over 2-0 down to South Africa only one game left and two innings defeats, well as a Zoology student i am used to dissecting things but nothing is as messy to dissect as this present England team, but listen up all you people in the rooms of power heres some suggestions for you all.

Ian Botham and Bob Willis should be brought in as selectors lose Graveney he was as bad as a player as he is as a selector, keep Duncan Fletcher in give him time he'll come good and keep Nasser Hussian as our Captin but we need a vice captin and its pointless either one of our two ex-captins being drafted in (Mike Atherton or Alec Stewart) as this is simply a backward step, so the only other contender is Mark Ramprakash.

Now the players Contracts are coming in force next year i'd hand out 18 full time contracts and 2 part time contracts for 2 of the younger coming up players (Someone like Micheal Gough and Stevie Harmison of Durham or Matt Windows of Gloustershire who are'nt quite ready but will be stars to come. )
Here are my 18 players
N.Hussian (Essex) Captin
M.Atherton (Lancashire)
A.Caddick (Somerset)
A.Flintoff (Lancashire)
E.Giddins (Warwickshire)
D.Gough (Yorkshire)
M.Powell (Glamorgan)
M.Ramprakash (Middlesex) Vice captin
D.Sales (Northants)
C.Schofield (Lancashire)
A.Sheriyar (Worcestershire)
C.Silverwood (Yorkshire)
V.Solanki (Worcestershire)
A.Stewart (Surrey) WK
G.Thorpe (Surrey)
P.Tuffnell (Middlesex)
R.Turner (Somerset)
M.Vaughan (Yorkshire)
I am not saying they will be overnight sucesses but this blend of old and new will lead england into a new era but the key is stability.

So why have i left out who i have Greame Hick for example is a terrefic player but our selectors have made a descion to leave him out and now i feel its a bit too late to bring him back he's had his chances and now young blood must be utilised, I feel sorry for Gavin Hamilton you could'nt have a worse debut than his at J'berg (At least Gooch held a catch and did'nt bowl at Edgbastion in 1975 when he had a pair on his debut) but he just is'nt Test class as neither i feel is Chris Adams who is a tremendous player but does'nt put away the right balls and has theworst footwork i have ever seen (oh sorry Aftab Habib i apoligise that has too be your accolade), and being a test match cricketer is to me is knocking what to punish and what to leave.
Alan Mullally and Alec Tudor must be considerd but to me i'd give them a rest but keep the door open, Al's joining a new county in Hampshire and could prove i was wrong but to me neither of these two warrant selection by recent performances with the ball.

Now Mark Butcher its okay picking him because you want a left handed right handed partnership but when was his last test match 50? he does'nt look like he cares anymore and looks much more handy with a gitaur in his hand that a bat, and Darren Maddy a simple no is the answer i've seen worse but he does'nt look test standard but thatsthe chance you got to take in picking youngsters.

The ongoing theme is they looked promising but never deliver, 2 reasons i lay down for this 1 - County Crickets weak with to many overaged moderate players with pitches which would even aid my slow right arm balls 2 that England give to many players 1 to 6 tests and then dismiss them (Which i've just done with Maddy, Adams and Habib but i am a man so i can say what i want) young players must be aided Shane Warne never did much for Vitoria in the shield when he was selected, Justin Langer was persevered with and he came good, it takes time to win and time to learn.

So why have i selected the hopeful 18 that i have, its a good blend of youth and experience players like Atherton, Stewart, Caddick, Hussian, Gough, Ramprakash, Thorpe and to a lesser extent Tuffnell have all proved themselves so they lend a hand of experience, then you have Vaughan, Flintoff and Silverwood who all impressed on the SA tour even though i feel Vaughan would be better opening with Atherton the only problem with this being it would take a day for us to reach 50 - 0 but he looks an awesome talent does Vaughan and that comes from a Lancashire fan, Solanki, Sheriyar, Sales and Schofield all had good A tours in Bangladesh and deserve the step up in class while my own backward step is swapping a young 20 year old Chris Read for the 32 year old Rob Turner but Turners been so impressive for Somerset that he cannot be ignored Reads blown hot and cold but give him a year or two then he i am sure will turn out to be a great test player.

Giddins deserves another go after a good debut at the Oval aganist the Kiwi's and finally my outside bet Glamorgan batsman Micheal Powell the youing lad from Abergavenny and within Sophia gardens its said he will blossom into a talent so why not put him in as a squad player his confidence is high aftera great 1999 so make him our wildcard you never know as Langer said last month to Gilchrist as they went on to beat Pakistan from a impossible position.

Also can we have a few tailenders who can at least attempt to bat whats happened to Darren Gough he was touted as an all rounder but now he looks a number 10 at best and if Tuffnell runs away any quicker from the ball England may yet win something, a gold running medal, the main reason the South Africians are as well as Australia are the best is the5e prolonged batting line up even a number 9 can hit a half century our Middle order can't.

Well i've had my moan so all you selectors out there read this and give me a job.
I hope i don't read this page in a few years time to find how wrong i was.

This is purely my views and intend to upset nobody.

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