OHHHH Bloody BT i loathe them and just like them divvies at sayers i am going to make a page about how moronic that establishment really is.
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This is the BT sign, even thats a pile of pooh.
So why are BT shit then.
BT have this new service out an internet service and big surprise folk its all my arse, you register for it and when it goes wrong its all your fault so they tell me, well BT is'nt it funny that becaus eit never worke dyou suggusted i ring a 50p a minute number.

Even the idea is nonce a tenner for unlimited time at weekends and nights, cable have a much beter deal, and heres the best bit they want you to download the software, which is silly, you gotta ring a number to get the disk and they make this purposely hard for you to do, as they wanna look like they are trying to give cheap internet acess but i am afraid in reality they dont want to as they know they will lose millions.

And there site its so slow, probably a plan to get as much money off you before they give it too you cheap making you stay online for an hour while a shitty banner pops up, and all the staff are arrogant and look down on me as i am a scouser well at least i am not a pillock lads.

Know none of this was for me as i dont deal with shit companys like BT but i done it for a friend the emails i recieved were rude and brutal, they treated me like i was thick and there was no need for it.

Just look at them in the eighties when i was a wee boy in a Tranmere Rovers top suckling a dummy (Nothing much has changed bar the dummies a Blow upone know) they had a complete monopoly on telephones in this country, and did they make us pay for it, the bills were huge, then cable and other small companies came along and BT had to be flexible, but really have they ever changed.

They like all big companies are so up themselves and i am fed up, i say we boycott BT and all other shit companies, oh they are pooh i hate them.

I will build up this page soon

Go and see my other web pages on the links like my sayers moan which is top class ranting.

email me with details of what companies pissed you up at :-

Thanxs for all your emails i have recieved over 200 know and despite how many worst sites of the day they put me on i still get over 25 hits to my animal page every day no fail.
Know i am just off to email this URL to BT, this will be fun.

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